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Minato motors Japan

Minato Motors Japan is a car dealer specialized in exporting Japanese used cars/vehicles worldwide. We provide buyers with high quality second-hand cars of all Japanese makers at reasonable, competitive prices. From buying cars at the auto-auction to processing documents and shipping the vehicle(s) to your desired port destination, we offer you the unique opportunity to grow and sustain your car business with Japan. Minato Motors Japan supports individual buyers and businessmen, organizations and corporate businesses in Kenya to enjoy the advantages of importing high quality used cars. The advantages of buying good quality Japanese cars from us can be summarized in these four points:


How to Order

Our Strength

  • We sell High Quality Cars: Japanese made cars are the best around the world. Used Japanese cars are clean, low mileage and they are usually in good condition. As a result the cars are very durable, and efficient with good engines.
  • Our prices are affordable: Unlike other car dealers in Japan, we buy directly from the auction source. As a result we can buy cars a dealers price and be able to provide our customers with relatively affordable prices for our vehicles.
  • We help ship cars to any country: To Africa, Kenya, or any other part of the world, we work with our shipping company as partners to ensure smooth shipping process to Mombasa or any other country. We also arrange a JEVIC check on all cars that are shipped to Kenya.
  • We work with experienced partners: Nothing is so securable as working with someone with experience in the job. We make sure our customers knows of every stage of the shipping process from payment confirmation to the day the vehicle is loaded on the vessel and leaves for destination port in Mombassa.


“If you cannot find the vehicle you want in our stock and you want us to search for it, you can fill in the Buy Me A Car Form and inform us the type of vehicle and specifications you want us to purchase on your behalf. After we receive and review your inquiry, we will then call, fax or email you informing you of the Total CIF Price, including shipping cost, for your confirmation. Please read the Terms of Payment before ordering. ”
Minato Motors Japan